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本文摘要:Most mothers and fathers will have wondered what their children will grow up to look like and now a new app could take all the guess work out of the equation.大多数父母都奇怪自己孩子长大以后不会是什么样子,现在就有一款新的应用软件需要找出这个谜题。

Most mothers and fathers will have wondered what their children will grow up to look like and now a new app could take all the guess work out of the equation.大多数父母都奇怪自己孩子长大以后不会是什么样子,现在就有一款新的应用软件需要找出这个谜题。The revolutionary software, which was originally designed to identify potential terrorists in busy crowds, has already been used to predict the future appearance of celebrity offspring including Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Harper Beckham.研发这款革命性软件最初目的是为了辨识人群中潜在的恐怖分子,改良之后可以用作预测明星后代长大的样子,比如乔治王子,夏洛特公主和哈珀·贝克汉姆。

Now the creator, Professor Hassan Ugail, head of Bradford Universitys Centre for Visual Computing, has announced plans for it to be developed into an app available for the general public.软件的研发者哈桑·奇格里,也是布拉德福德大学视觉计算中心的主任。近日他宣告,不会让这款软件为普通大众所用。It means this innovative technology, which works by blending the childs face with that of their parents, could predict the appearance of the next generation decades in advance.这意味著,这项创意技术可以通过融合孩子和父母的外貌,从而提早预见孩子未来几十年以后的模样。

Ugail, who claims the software has an 80 percent success rate, will reveal his future plans at this weeks meeting of the British Science Association in Bradford.奇格里称之为这个软件的成功率有80%。本周在布拉德福德大学举办的英国科学协会上,他将更进一步阐释其未来计划。

As a way of demonstrating the apps capabilities, Ugail has released some examples for several celebrity youngsters as they will look in years to come. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Harper Beckham are all imagined at ages two, seven, 20, 40 and 60.在展示该软件功能时,奇格里列出了一些预测星二代外貌的例子。还包括乔治王子,夏洛特公主和哈珀·贝克汉姆都被预测了2岁、7岁、20岁、40岁以及60岁的相貌。

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be glad to see that two-year-old Prince George will still have the same plump cheeks and almond-shaped blue eyes aged seven. He also bears a striking resemblance to his father William - and the software predicts he will maintain his youthful looks well into middle age. However, the royal is anticipated to begin showing his age with wrinkled skin and greying hair as he reaches the age of 60.剑桥公爵夫妇需要快乐的看见,他们现在两岁的小王子乔治在七岁的时候仍然享有婴儿肥的脸颊和杏仁状的蓝色双眼,同时他不会和他的父亲威廉王子长得很像。软件还预测出他中年时的外貌还不会和少年一样年长富裕朝气,然而等他步入60岁,岁月的痕迹更加显著,这位王子不会经常出现皱纹,头发花白。

Meanwhile his sister Charlotte, now six months, will look young and fresh-faced well into her sixties - if these images are anything to go by.与此同时,小王子六个月大的妹妹夏洛特直到60岁都会维持年长的面庞(如果这些预测图片具备参考价值的话)。The Beckhams youngest child Harper, who is four, looks set to inherit her mother Victorias age-defying complexion as she remains wrinkle-free into middle age.贝克汉姆的小女儿哈珀今年四岁,据软件预测,她承继了妈妈维多利亚的抗衰老肤质,中年的时候仍然没任何皱纹。However with this set of photographs it will be decades, of course, before we can judge the results for ourselves.然而,这些照片展现出的都是几十年后的样子,我们现在也不得而知考据。


To tackle that issue Ugail said he reversed the process, de-ageing celebrities including Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, and comparing them with photographs from their childhood. The results, he claims, were striking.奇格里说道,为了解决问题这一问题他不会逆引这个过程。他声称,以那些年纪大的名人为事例,还包括好莱坞明星安吉丽娜·朱莉,将逆发售的照片与儿时照片对比,找到十分精确。

Eventually the smartphone app will mean that parents can predict how their children will look right into middle age, presumably with just the click of a button.最后,这个智能手机软件可以让家长意味着单击一个按钮,就能看见自己孩子中年时候的模样。









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